Making A Claim

What you need to know about our claims process

You will need to make a claim to Sirago (the underwriting manager) not later than 31 (thirty-one) days after being discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for COVID-19.

In order for a pay-out to be made, all necessary  documentation must be submitted to Sirago within 90 (ninety) days of submitting a claim. No claims will be honoured where documentation is received outside this period.

Claims can only be assessed for payment once all of the following documents have been received:

  • Completed and signed claim form for each COVID-19 hospitalisation event;
  • Proof from the hospital of your dates of admission and discharge, on their letterhead or a hospital statement with confirmation that you are hospitalised as a result of Covid-19; and
  • Pathologist’s report stating that you tested positive for COVID-19 prior to being hospitalised


Sirago, the underwriting manager, reserves the right to request additional information of a clinical nature. All information supplied will be treated in accordance with our data privacy policies.

In the event that Sirago deems your claim or certain claim lines to be clinically inappropriate or to fall outside of the policy terms, the whole claim or certain claim lines may be rejected. This could affect whether you receive a pay-out, or the amount that you receive.

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